What is Maiden Japan Online?  It's the home of some poor crazed "Gaijin" (Japanese for foreigners,) who've spent too much of their lives shuttling back and forth to the far east, gathering trinkets and collectibles everytime they go.  Unfortunately, after a dozen years of leaving with one suitcase and returning with two, we've got more stuff than we can fit into our modest residence... and after checking out the cost of outside storage multiplied by the last time we took some of this stuff out, we've decided that it makes a lot more sense to put it up for sale online where others who haven't been as fortunate to make so many pilgrimages to

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the land of the rising sun can take advantage of our overflowing attic, back rooms and garage.  (Hey, we SAID we had a LOT.) 

So, check out what we've got up for sale right now and come back often. We're STILL opening boxes!
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